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It all began - as so often happens - with a wish to improve something. By BEODRINX we wanted to develop a simple thirst-quencher for cheerful and carefree enjoyment. No guilt feelings, no environmental qualms, no calorie-counting consciences.

Pure Good Good Stuff

We’ve created a 100%-natural brewed tea that is pure goodness – in every sense. Aptly, we’ve named it niceT. Sweetness from the zero-calorie extract of the honey herb Stevia rebaudiana rounds off the pretty posy of tastes. Refreshing sweetness and slender waistlines are guaranteed. Genuine organic tea leaves prepared by our original, protective method of infusion bring out niceT’s superb taste to full advantage, without sugar.

The latest addition to our product range is also aptly named: TREZOR suggests exceptional content  and, indeed, this drink is a serious innovation. It is made from the juice and pulp of fresh, organic fruits ripened in the sunshine in their countries of origin, and organic proteins obtained from Swiss milk. Lactose-free, without added sugar, gluten-free and with no soya: the result is an organic drink so sweet and appetizing that we didn’t even need to add Stevia to its ingredients.

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Drinks with added value

Imagine this: You order a coffee in a restaurant and the waiter will serve you a cup of hot water with some coffee flavor and coloring. Unfortunately this is often the case with iced teas: Today there are teas with huge quality differences on the market. Some ice teas base on additives, flavors and lots of sugar with too many unnecessary calories and/or artificial sweeteners. niceT's are real teas, prepared authentic with organic tea leaves, their subtly noticeable tannins along with the organic lemon juice from Sicily or the organic peach juice from Italy unfold a refined taste...Read more...

It is widely known that tea and especially green tea is rich in antioxidants. One bottle of niceT releases an army of antioxidants into your body. An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which according to scientific studies contribute to the development of cancer cells, the hardening of arteries and lots of other health problems.

Green Tea antioxidants are considered particularly strong and powerful. ...Read more....

For our drinks, we never use refined or cristalyzed sugar. Only if sweetness is necessary as it is for niceT, we use stevia extract. Stevia extract is Calorie-free and up to 300x sweeter than sugar. For TREZOR, those organic fruit juices are naturally enought sweet that we avoided to use stevia or any other sugar...Read more......

SWEET WITHOUT SUGAR AND ALL NATURAL.. The PLAYBIO logo on the packaging certifies at a glance that the product offers defined advantages.

Of course as niceT and TREZOR.  ...Read more..


The Trend is our friend

There is nothing better in sales than being able to offer your customers products they can identify with, 100%. niceT and TREZOR are wholly natural and sugar free. They fit the current rising trend in the drinks sector, which reflects steady growth in demand. Are you a real opinion leader? Here are just the products you need.

A promise kept

How much tea is there in your tea? Most iced teas are made from granulates containing tea extract, colorants and a lot of sugar. Everything is then mixed with tap water - very poor value for money! Much of the purchase price funds advertising to induce buyers into believing that this is a quality product. Beodrinx offers nothing whatsoever of this sort. What you see on the pack is what is inside. That’s what we mean when we say our products are genuine. .

Resellers or distributors

If you are interested in reselling or distributing our products, please contact us right away. We supply an ordering tool in the form of a B2B and B2C web platform. All you have to do is complete the contact form, or telephone us.

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